I Found MP3 Tag Edit Software That Automatically Fixed My ID3 Tags

If you are looking for a much easier way to edit MP3 tags then I have a surprise in store for you. The process of MP3 tag edit can be a less than desirable experience for most people, especially if you happen to have a lot of music on your computer. If you are a music lover like me than you have thousands of hours worth of MP3 files on your PC.

For the most part I have managed to keep our songs somewhat in order but still end up with duplicate files and misspelled song and album names. Not to mention I have plenty of artists whose names are spelled differently and iTunes recognizes them as different people for example Beyonce and Beyonce’. This is why I was more than ecstatic when I found MP3 tag edit software that automatically fixed my ID3 tags.

And MP3 tag editor is nothing new to me, I have been through plenty of programs that helped make the process a little easier. I’ve even used batch tag editors which sped up the process greatly but it was still a lot of work on my part involved. That is why the key word involved in this new software I found is “automatic”. Great ID3 tag editing software can with the click of a mouse scan your iTunes library and correct all sorts of information. Here is a short list.

  • Fix misspelled artist names, album titles, and songs.
  • The fill in missing ID3 tag information like release year and genre.
  • Download album CD artwork.
  • Delete duplicate song files.

Once again the amazing thing about the best MP3 tag edit programs are that they can do all this automatically. You will have to periodically give the program permission to make permanent changes but I consider that a good thing. This way you stay in control and nothing gets changed without your permission. So in essence it will be a few mouse clicks but at least no typing involved.

There is a nifty website that I included a link to below that reviews the top programs and MP3 tag editors. I highly suggest going there and giving it a look before deciding on which automatic music organizer to download.