Looking For User-Friendly and Free Video Editing Software For Making Home Movies?

Some of the best, easy, and free editing video software might already be right there on your computer.

Both of the major platforms (PC and Mac) often come bundled with robust software for editing software that is not very hard to learn, but dynamic enough to satisfy budding video editing professionals, best of all they are free.

You can take your photos and songs from your music library and turn them into slideshows with music, or edit videos taken from any digital video source (iPhone, HD video camera, etc.) and turn them into impressive looking home movies that you might pay professionals to do. You can also combine the photos, videos, and music into a multimedia documentary-style movie, complete with titles, captions, transitions, fades, and editable audio. In both cases the editing video experience is as simple or as rich of an experience as you want it to be. Your edited video can then be burned to DVD, uploaded to YouTube or Facebook, with just a few clicks. Both can be learned as you go pretty much

Windows Live Movie Maker – free editing video software for PC

Microsoft has been getting better at the bundled movie making software. For basic video editing it works well, and has a number of features that will keep the beginner who likes to do a lot of tweaking pretty happy. If you are an advanced user you will find it elementary and limiting, so you might want to find something that is less free. The interface is a tad clunky and unrefined (Microsoft should never design exotic cars!) but once you get past those annoyances you should be fine.

iMovie – free editing video software installed with every new Mac

Apple has been putting out iMovie for 10 years now, and it shows. For basic editing it works just fine, and is as simple and almost as complex as you want it to be. Beginners will learn to edit a movie almost immediately, and with very little time, be tweaking transitions and audio. The intermediate user will be surprised at some of the more advanced features. Advanced users will probably find it understandably lacking and will need to find something that you have to shell out some dough for. The interface is slick. Its integration with the rest of the Mac OS (iTunes, iPhoto etc.) makes all of the pieces to put together a rich multimedia experience accessible. Editing video is a dream for beginners and intermediate users as it can be about as precise as you want them to be.