The Main Requirements Of Music Editing Software

Since I was very little, I have had a weakness for music editing software. I downloaded my first free music editor software program when I was about 13. Back then, I knew nothing about music. It is true that I had played piano when I was younger, but at that point I did not play any musical instruments. There is just something so cool about music software editing. You could take a sound and do anything to it. You could cut it up, paste it back together, resample it – the works. When you are done, even if you have not written any of it yourself, you still end up with an original piece of music.

Over the years, however, I have gotten pretty serious about music editing software. You see, I have gotten pretty serious about music in general. Music software editing is not just a game for me anymore. Most of the time, I actually use my music editing software for recording and mixing my own works. What is so cool about music software is that it lets you do all the work of a studio at home. You can record, mix, edit, and process an original piece of music. All you need is the music editing software, a computer, and a microphone. You do not even need a mixing board! It is amazing what technology has done for the independent musician.

Of course, I still play with music editing software from time to time. It is impossible to resist the temptation. Sometimes, when I’m having a bad night and nothing comes together, I goof off all night. I take a small piece of music that I have recorded in the music editing software, slow it down, turn it backwards, filter it, mess with it, and turn it into something completely different. By the end, what was a normal guitar rift at the beginning has turned into something strange and alien, something exotic and out of this world. It is so much fun to do!

If you have never used music editing software before, I highly recommend using Cool Edit. It was my first music editing program and it is still my favorite. Although there is music editing software that is able to do more than Cool Edit – such as Sound Forge – none of it is as easy to use. You can even download a demo version of it that is almost fully functional!